Chelsea, Tottenham managers get red cards after dramatic postgame dust-up

Ire between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur erupted after the teams’ 2-2 draw Sunday at Stamford Bridge as the managers — Thomas Tuchel for Chelsea and Antonio Conte for Tottenham — converged with an intense handshake-turned-staredown following the final whistle. The confrontation earned each manager a red card.

Following the initial embrace, Tuchel appeared to grip Conte’s hand with enough force to signal that their handshake wouldn’t be a standard postgame acknowledgment. The shake spun both men toward each other as players and staff from both teams quickly descended on the managers, who continued to exchange words.

“I thought when you shake hands, you look into each other’s eyes, and Antonio had a different opinion,” Tuchel told Sky Sports, adding: “It was not necessary, but a lot of things were not necessary.”

When asked if Tuchel was the aggressor, Conte said. “There is video to understand what happened. I’m not passive. If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity.”

The dramatic faceoff occurred just minutes after the match’s climax, when Harry Kane’s header snuck into the back left of the net for Tottenham toward the end of stoppage time. The tension between the two managers had been bubbling even before Kane’s goal, though, as Conte met Tuchel chest-to-chest in the 68th minute while celebrating Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s initial equalizer.

Recent history has seen Chelsea get the upper hand over Tottenham, with nine victories to just three losses and two draws in head-to-head matchups since Chelsea fired Conte as its manager in 2018. Chelsea finished third in the Premier League last season, while Tottenham finished fourth. Two matches into the 2022-23 season, both teams sit with one win and one draw.

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