We need to make ourselves better before criticising politicians: Rizwan – SUCH TV

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan sent a meaningful message out to his fans, urging them to practice some self-reflection before pointing fingers at others.

Speaking during a Twitter Space hosted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the star wicketkeeper-batter said: “We should look at ourselves first and what we’re doing instead of looking towards our prime minister, MNAs, and MPAs. We need to make ourselves better.”

He added that as a nation, Pakistanis need to change their lifestyles and keep following Islam’s order as a priority.

“People need to be sincere to Pakistan and then question others,” he maintained.

Speaking about Pakistan’s match against India at the T20I World Cup, he said: “During our match against India, I wasn’t feeling anything as it was just a normal match. I can’t express the love and support that the nation gave me.

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