100 days to 2022 World Cup: Why your team will (and won’t) win in Qatar

Your team is going to lose the World Cup. Probably. Almost every team is going to lose the World Cup. That’s just the way the World Cup works. One team wins, and most teams lose. The odds are not in your favor. 2 Related But the World Cup is officially only 100 days away, which … Read more

Argentina, Brazil favourites for WC – Spain coach

Argentina and Brazil went unbeaten in World Cup qualifying. Photo by Andre Borges/picture alliance via Getty Images Spain manager Luis Enrique has said he considers Argentina and Brazil the favourites heading into the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Argentina lifted last year’s Copa America title with a 1-0 win in the final over Brazil at the … Read more

Argentina and Brazil lead the way for South America in World Cup warm-ups

Neymar got himself onto the scoresheet for Brazil. Kenta Harada/Getty Images Two decades have gone by since Brazil lifted the last of their World Cups in Japan and, back in Tokyo on Monday, the 2022 model underlined their credentials as a candidate to win Asia’s second World Cup this year. The 1-0 win over Japan was … Read more

Why Argentina and Brazil look like title contenders for World Cup in Qatar

Twenty years have passed since South America last won a World Cup. The evidence from the continent’s recent set of qualifiers is that Brazil and Argentina are shaping up to be strong contenders in Qatar, and this impression has been emphatically confirmed by their first warm-up meetings with opponents from other regions. Argentina’s Finalissima encounter … Read more

Argentina to prepare in Abu Dhabi | The Express Tribune

PARIS: Argentina will be based in Abu Dhabi as they prepare for this year’s World Cup finals in Qatar after the Argentina Football Association (AFA) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC). The two-time World Cup winners will play friendlies in Abu Dhabi as part of their preparatons for what … Read more

FIFA orders Brazil, Arg. to replay WC qualifier

A World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina was suspended by health officials in September. Gustavo Pagano/Getty Images The FIFA Appeal Committee ruled on Monday that the abandoned World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina must be replayed after considering the appeals filed by the countries’ football associations. The qualifier in September was suspended just minutes … Read more