The U.K. is so hot and dry, the source of the River Thames has dried up

Britain is in the grip of an historic heat wave. With the mercury regularly reaching into the 80 and even the 90s this summer, it’s now officially the driest summer on record since the mid-1930’s. The sweltering conditions have left rivers and reservoirs do drop well below their normal water levels. London’s mighty River Thames … Read more

Luis Diaz’s family gripped by son’s football odyssey as they watch from afar in Colombia | CNN

Barrancas, Colombia CNN  —  The house of the Diaz-Brito family stands at the end of a leafy road in a large mining town in northwestern Colombia, but it might as well be a stone’s throw from Anfield Stadium for the passion it breathes when Liverpool is playing. For this town, Barrancas, is the birthplace of … Read more

Liverpool wins FA Cup final after beating Chelsea in nerve-racking penalty shootout | CNN

Wembley Stadium, London CNN  —  There is something about this Liverpool team. For all its qualities – the intense pressing, the defensive solidity, the whirlwind attacks – perhaps its finest is a sense of drama on occasions such as these. Just as in the League Cup final earlier this year at Wembley, Jurgen Klopp’s men … Read more